Situated in West Hertfordshire, Berkhamsted is one of the UKs prettiest market towns. Complete with a thriving towncentre, fantastic weekly markets, and a stunning castle. Theres no doubt about it, Berkhamsted is awonderful place to live.

While the factthat your home is located in a beautiful town should make it more desirable tobuyers, that doesntguarantee a sale. For your home to be popular with buyers, you need to ensurethat its well presented.When it comes to selling a property, this is the most important part.

To help youensure that selling your home goes well, we have put together a checklist ofall the essentials for selling in Berkhamsted. Foreverything that you need to know, keep reading.

Curb appeal

One of the most important things that you need to focus on is the curb appeal of your property.You see, buyers make up their minds about houses within the first minute ofseeing them. Youll alsofind that many buyers will drive by a property before their first viewing, toget an idea of what to expect. So before you start advertising, its crucial that you perfect yourpropertys curb appeal.

Repaint orpressure wash the outside walls of your home to smarten it up. Tidy up thegarden, clear away any junk, mow the grass and get rid of any weeds. Plant afew colourful flowers and shrubs around and transform your garden into abeautiful space. Give the front door a new paint job, as well as thewindowsills. Neaten up your pathways with some new gravel, and dot solarpowered lamps around.

Living areas

Start bydecluttering your living areas. There is nothing more off-putting for buyersthan viewing a space thatspacked with clutter. Spend a couple of days going through each room, throwingaway unwanted items, and storing the rest. By getting rid of clutter, youll allow those distinctive features ofyour home to stand out.

Make each roomlook and feel as light as possible. Remove curtains that block light fromflowing in and replace them with blinds. Add mirrors to dark rooms to helpreflect more natural light into the space, making it feel more airy.

Go neutral. Youmight love bright, bold prints, but that doesnt mean that potential buyers will do. To increase your chance of selling in Berkhamsted, swap your loud decor fora neutral finish. Using light colours like white and cream to decorate, not only allows viewers to imagine themselves living in your home. Neutrals willalso help to make your living areas feel lighter and roomier.


Deep clean thekitchen, including the flooring and tiles. This area should be spotless; thismeans that all appliances should be meticulously cleaned and polished. Makesure to clean the inside of the oven, especially if it is included in the sale.Dont leave dishes on thedraining board, the sink should be completely clear of clutter. As should thedishwasher, if you have one.

If you havepets, remove their bowls (and them). Perhaps you could ask your neighbour tohave your pets while you show viewers around? Open windows to let in some freshair and remove any odours from the room - you could also plug in an airfreshener.


All childrens toys and toiletries should becarefully put away so that the space looks larger. Give the room a deep clean -it should be spotless, place fresh towels out, and add a couple of scentedcandles.

Open thewindows so that the room feels fresh, and all moisture can dry. If you noticeany blackness or mold on sealants or tiles, consider resealing or regrouting.The aim is to make your bathroom look like something from a show home, and itll instantly win buyers over.

Good advertising

Once youve smartened up your home, the nextstep is to invest in good advertising. This means consulting a reputable estateagent, and using their advertising services. To find the perfect estate agents,have a look online and ask around.

The good thingabout smartening up your home prior to selling is that the photos of yourproperty will be amazing. Just make sure to hire a professional photographer,instead of going down the DIY route. To ensure that the photos are perfect,think about the small touches you can add. Get inspiration from show homes tomake your property look as desirable as possible.

So there youhave it, all the essentials for ensuring that your home is a hit with potentialbuyers.

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